Welcome to our blog! We’re happy that you visited. This is a place where we will be sharing digital stories with you.

The stories on this website were created by people like you and me. We all have a story to tell and the ability to tell it. Sometimes we just need the opportunity to voice our stories. Sometimes we need a reminder that there are different ways to tell a story. Images, music, or even other peoples’ ideas can help us in the process of talking about our own lives. The sound of your voice can bring an audience closer to you. As you watch these digital stories, remember that storytelling is an act of courage.

These storytellers have agreed to share their stories with you.  Maybe watching them will make you feel less alone, maybe you’ll be inspired, maybe you’ll learn something new, maybe you’ll laugh out loud, (or maybe you’ll cry), maybe you’ll want to tell your own story.  This is the power of sharing stories.  They invite more stories. Maybe we all need to listen a little more closely to each other.

The digital stories in this blog were created in workshops facilitated by two community organizations that are working to empower people to create and share their own digital stories as a strategy for personal and community transformation.  Centre for Community Learning & Development and North York Community House both work with communities to use digital storytelling as a tool for engagement and mobilization efforts, for educating and raising awareness about urgent social issues, to work for policy change, assess community needs, conduct research and evaluate programs.  Some of the digital story workshops were developed in partnership with other organizations in Toronto, and across Canada and some of the digital story workshops were delivered in our home organizations.

Based on the model developed by the Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley, California, our workshops blend creative writing, oral history, and digital video production.  We are trained in the Center for Digital Storytelling methodology and work with CDS to promote digital storytelling locally, nationally and internationally.

Stay connected, as we will be posting more videos from new and upcoming projects.

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